Townsend Memorial Scholarship

Each year the UMHB Alumni Association awards the Townsend Memorial Scholarships to needy and deserving students. The scholarships are preferably, but not exclusively, for children and relatives of alumni and former students. Scholarships are awarded for a full academic year, and re-application is required for renewal. Applications are due no later than January 12, 2018.

Please review the scholarship's guidelines and click below to apply:

  1. The scholarship shall be given to needy, deserving students who must maintain good Christian, moral, ethical and scholastic standing. 
  2. It will be preferably but not exclusively for alumni, their sons and daughters, and relatives of alumni and ex-students.
  3. The scholarship shall be given for a period of one academic year consisting of two semesters with reapplication required for renewal.  Seniors with one semester remaining until graduation may be considered.
  4. The recipient must be a full-time student enrolled for at least twelve hours per semester.  In the event that there is a reduction of semester hours, the scholarship shall be terminated.
  5. The scholarships shall be awarded according to the decision of a standing committee to be appointed by the Alumni Association president. The committee shall determine the number and amounts of each scholarship.
  6. Applications shall be submitted no later than January 12, 2018.
  7. Periodic review of the recipients is the prerogative of the Townsend Scholarship Committee.  Failure to meet the above guidelines may result in reduction or termination of the scholarship.