Senior Night FAQ

Senior Robing Ceremony and Midnight March

Robing Ceremony

What is the Robing Ceremony?

The Robing Ceremony symbolizes the passing of the student leadership from the Senior Class to the Junior Class. Robing has been a UMHB tradition since the early 1900s. During the ceremony, each senior will place their cap and gown on the junior of their choosing.   

When is the Robing Ceremony?

This year the Robing Ceremony will be inconjuction with Midnight March.

Where is it located?

Meet at the Musick Alumni Center and Museum at the Parker House to process to Sesquicentennial Plaza in the Quad. Family and friends should meet at Sesquicentennial Plaza in the Quad.

How do I know which junior I am robing?

All seniors participating will ask a junior to participate in the ceremony with them. The selection of a junior should be done in advance of the ceremony. Seniors must have a junior to robe to participate. 

What do I need for robing?

Seniors will need their cap and gown for the ceremony.  If you are a December graduate who has not yet purchased your cap and gown, you may purchase your regalia early or borrow reglia for the ceremony. 

How should I dress?

Appropriate dress would be business attire.

Midnight March

What is Midnight March?

Midnight March is an opportunity for students to honor individuals who positively impacted their college experience.  During the weeks prior, seniors give a candle with a note to each special friend and UMHB faculty/staff member they wish to invite to the event.  During the event, seniors wear their graduation gowns and walk in a line, singing "Up with the Purple".  Midnight March guests stand in a circle.  The seniors walk in a line around the circle and light the candles of those they invited.

What do I need to bring?

You will receive a lighter to use for Midnight March at Musick Alumni Center and Museum at the Parker House.  The only thing you need to bring for the event is your graduation robe. 

Where do the guests of Midnight March meet for the event?

In the Quad around Sesquicentennial Plaza 

Where do I meet for Midnight March?

Seniors will line up in front of Musick Alumni Center and Museum at the Parker House for Midnight March.